Minions are currently out of stock
We got a shop up and working. We are using paypal, but it will accept credit cards without a paypal account.
Shipping is included in the prices.
Thanks for all of your support

Full Minion with Radio (US Only) $25.00


Radio Freq :
Full Minion with Radio (International Only) $30.00minion

Radio Freq :
Minion with out radio (US Only) $20.00minionWOradio

Minion with out radio (International Only) $25.00minionWOradio

Battery Shield (US Only) $10.00batteryshield
Battery Shield (International Only) $15.00batteryshield

2 Responses to Shop

  1. Tamsyn says:

    Having shipping included in the price is interesting, but how about if you want to do a bulk buy? From overseas? Do we need to pay $5 extra for every minion?

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