We are now selling the Minions on our site!

Hey everyone,
We are now selling the minions through our site.


We are using paypal to manage payments. You can purchase with a paypal account or without with a credit card.
We currently have over 100 minions in stock and ready to go.

6 Responses to We are now selling the Minions on our site!

  1. Bryan Schmidt says:

    Sweet! I will be buying a couple of these once my next paycheck comes in. I look forward to trying them in a few projects I have in mind. Quick question: what can be done with the Minions without radio? What other radio devices/shields will work with this?

    • Nate says:

      The minion without the radio is there for those that already have hopeRF modules that they want to use (for example they might have their 868MHz module that we don’t stock)

  2. Kickstarter Supporter says:


    Bought 4 Minions on Kickstarter and received them. Was too busy to work with them and am now ready to do so. I did something stupid and did not document which frequency I selected for the RF12′s. Is there a way to determine this from the board?

    Thank you.

    • Nate says:

      Looked your original order up,
      It was 915mhz

      • Kickstarter Supporter says:

        Thank you! I figured I could program each of the two freqs, one at a time of course, but then I wasn’t sure if there was something critical in the RF12 I might damage. I did not want to take the chance. Thank you very much Nate. Best wishes!

  3. Tamsyn says:


    Any chance of being able to buy in bulk from Australia? ie 4@$20 ($80)+$5 postage instead of having to pay $5 on each minion.

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