After months of prep work we’re finally prepared to release the MINION. There is nothing on the market that is as affordable and as functional as the Minion. With this in mind we’ve come to KickStarter to obtain the required support to get us in full production.

Some of you may ask, “What is KickStarter?” KickStart is a website that allows people with great ideas but not enough funds to bring them to reality. With this website we have prepared a campaign to obtain a following in order to fully bring the Minion into production. If you want to learn more about Kickstarter please visit:

We’re eager to provide the Minion at  an affordable price so that more people can begin using the Arduino system and use them in more practical situations, making it more than a dev board. As we work toward our goal we ask you to visit the site and help us to make the Minion a reality.

The link to our campaign is:

2 Responses to KickStarter!

  1. Bryan Schmidt says:

    I am so sad that I missed out on this Kickstarter! I am a recent convert to the World of Arduino and recently discovered your Minions via a Google search. The Minion will be perfect for several projects I have in mind! I plan on purchasing several of these as soon as they become available to the public.

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